TKD آلمان

Armin Tejarat Pouya Engineering Company, the sole representative of the TKD Cable Company of Germany, is proud to offer its products and after-sales services of TKD Cable in Iran. With over many years of experience in producing all kinds of control cables, flexible and ... in all industries including automotive, robotics, steel, power plants, cement, wagon, railway, wood and paper, packaging, food, pharmaceuticals, Telecommunication, computer, oil, gas and petrochemicals, etc., the company meets the needs of customers with the highest quality.

ساپ انکر

Armin Tejarat Pouya Engineering Company, an exclusive agent of SupAnchor Company in Iran, is pleased to announce its readiness to sell Nailing Essentials (especially the Digger system) for the simultaneous enhancement of drilling and injection operations. SupAnchor is one of the largest and most trusted manufacturers of self-drilling (hollow steel armature) in the world, and is the leading exporter of this product in Asia. These products have a wide range of applications in the stabilization of the gutted walls, the implementation of micro-piles, the stabilization of the walls and work fronts in the tunnel and subway, the improvement and stabilization of manual and vegetable soils.

Armin Tejarat Pouya Engineering Co Agent of Germany TKD

SupAnchor Exclusive Agent